Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Ring

Many women still dream of being surprised by an unexpected proposal by their significant other on bended knee, offering a gorgeous diamond ring that just happens to be the exact style of which they’ve always dreamed. And yet, a growing number of ladies believe the best way to get that stunning fantasy ring is to discuss the matter in advance. Communication is important for relationships, and while you’re discussing the engagement ring you should also stop to consider the wedding ring. There are many elements that can factor into finding the perfect engagement ring with matching band, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re searching for wedding jewelry inspiration.

Matching Metal

It really is not enough to simply get the same color of engagement ring metal as wedding ring metal, unless of course you like the idea of them slowly becoming more clearly different over time. Platinum and white gold look almost identical when they are brand new, but with use and time they can begin to turn different shades. Save yourself the explanation of admitting you went for the more expensive platinum for the engagement ring only and get a wedding ring with a band in the exact same type of metal.

Keep One Piece Humble

This piece of advice tends to be commonly desired anyway, but if you were considering going for two really bold ring styles as your set, you may want to rethink the luxury level of at least one. Typically the wedding ring is simpler, often just an unadorned band. However, if you want a wedding ring that has more interest, that’s fine. Just try and choose a complementary style that doesn’t overpower the main, flashier piece. In the same category, you’ll likely want to choose a ring set where both pieces have similar band widths, though if you want to make a statement, make sure one is much wider than the other or they will appear accidentally off rather than intentionally fashion-forward.

Choose Common Design Elements

You don’t have to buy the equivalent of head to toe matching apparel for your engagement and bridal ring combination; however, they should have common design elements that relate to one another. For instance, you may want to choose the same gemstone shape for both, if both will have stones. You may also have them both feature and engraved bands. Whatever you ultimately decide upon try to ensure they have enough similarities that they appear to belong together (like you and your partner).

Maintain Individuality

Despite plenty of people suggesting the opposite, there is actually no reason for you and your partner to have matching wedding bands. You guys are individuals, with your own personalities and you’re bringing them together not changing them to become a single human. Celebrate your uniqueness in the rings, and let your piece reveal your taste and his (or hers) do the same. After all, there will be enough compromises to make in marriage; no one should have to sacrifice their style for jewelry they’ll wear for eternity.

While shopping for a separate engagement ring and wedding ring happens all the time, you can see how quickly the difficulties can expand. There are a multitude of diamond wedding bands that were designed with an engagement ring in mind. Grab a bridal ring set to save time and trouble, or use the above tips to select a separate wedding ring that’s just as mesmerizingly and wish fulfilling-ly lovely as the engagement ring.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Ring Designs Illustrated: Part Two

Welcome back! In our first blog post, we discussed how exploring the various styles of engagement rings could help you during your research to find the ideal combination of features in a ring; one that symbolizes not only the unique love you feel with your significant other but also the one that best personifies your individuality. For our second post, we’ll detail another nine examples of the most popular engagement rings to complete our collection. Love the shape of one diamond but prefer the details of another? Head over to Ziva Jewels and design your own custom ring from scratch!

1. Yellow Diamond Ring

Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond
Engagement Ring With Halo

The rare yellow diamond ring offers a stunning golden dazzle that’s extremely eye-catching and purely optimistic. Once combined with a white Pave diamond halo, this unique engagement ring becomes unforgettable.

2. Eternity Band Diamond Ring

Eternity Engagement Rings With Diamond Prongs and Infinity Shank

Designed to represent the past, present and future of two people in love, the eternity band is a prized design for engagement rings. In this version, the eternity is created using Pave diamonds on a thin band supporting a classic solitaire diamond.

3. Bezel Set Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Nothing is safer than a diamond in a bezel setting, but this secure mount offers beauty as well. Add a touch of vintage style with a two-tone setting and a mesmerizingly lovely emerald cut stone, and you have an incredibly unique look that’s timeless too.

4. Micro-Pave Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring
With Pave Eternity Shank

Love tiny bands but also adore the keen sparkle of Pave diamonds? Micro-Pave diamonds make it easy to add elegance, brilliance and lasting style, not to mention femininity, without adding any bulk to an engagement ring.

5. Bypass Diamond Ring

Bypass Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

The unusually curvaceous bypass band engagement ring features a sinewy design that hugs the central stone. The curve is particularly flattering on the finger, and the band features an assortment of Pave diamonds for an additional sparkle.

6. Channel Setting Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring With Channel Set Rounds

The deep grooves on a channel setting are the perfect location to place a handful of Pave diamonds, not only because they’re securely held but also because they make a stunning linear design, and they offer a beautiful platform for a sizable central stone.

7. Pave Diamond Ring

Marquise Engagement Ring With Triangle Sides Bezel Set in Pave Halos

If you can’t get enough of the brilliant sparkle of those small and lovely Pave diamonds, why not cover the entire engagement ring with them? Choose a ring with Pave halos, bands and much more for a glittering style that will last as long as love, an eternity.

8. Cathedral Setting Diamond Ring

Cathedral Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Love is regal; love is bold. This cathedral setting engagement ring perches a stunning central stone high above the main band to show off every angle of its flawless shape in an appropriate throne. Below, there’s room for added decoration in the form of Pave diamonds.

9. Double Shank Diamond Ring

Square Halo Engagement Ring
With Two-Row Diamond Shank

A split-shank ring is lovely; however, a double shank is doubly as delightful. Two bands are permanently connected, like the bonds between you and your loved one, and feature decorative small diamonds that lead up to the main stones at the top.

It’s a big job trying to narrow down the thousands of options available to the single ideal engagement ring that you’ll wear forever, but hopefully these 19 stunning examples aided you in formulating a better idea of the perfect design. If you still need more examples (or you just love to look at pretty things), visit Ziva Jewels to see the full collection or design your own custom-made ring.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Engagement Ring Designs Illustrated: Part One

Have you been looking for an engagement ring that speaks volumes not only about your unique relationship but also about who you are as an individual? Finding the ultimate ring requires serious research into the available options, and the process also involves a little bit of self-discovery. To aid in your adventure, Ziva Jewels has created a list of 19 of the most popular styles and details, which we will discuss over the next two blog posts. Check out the first 10 in this first one, and begin to consider which style best personifies you.

1. Halo Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

Round Diamond in Square Halo Engagement Ring

The halo is one of the most requested and beloved additions to any ring. Comprised of Pave diamonds, the halo engagement ring encircles the central stone, typically a round brilliant, where it adds sparkle, the impression of size and interest to a ring.

2. Double Halo Oval Ring

Oval Engagement Ring With Double Halo

Very similar to the single halo ring, the double halo ring simply adds a second layer of Pave diamonds to the center stone, in this case a stunning oval diamond. This is an excellent choice if you have a limited budget but love a lot of dazzle.

3. Vintage Multi-Stone Diamond Ring

Vintage Engagement Ring With Baguette Sides

Vintage has certainly become popular in fashion again lately, and that’s probably because these designs are intricate yet demure, elegant yet luxurious. This multi-stone vintage ring tastefully decorated with smaller stones and mil-grained edges on the setting.

4. Braided Band Diamond Ring

Braided Band Engagement Ring

Effortlessly feminine, the singularly feminine look and intriguing lines of a braided diamond ring are understandably alluring. The twisting is eye-catching without requiring over sized diamonds, making it a beautiful choice for every price point.

5. Split-Shank Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring With Split Shank

A single band at the bottom gives way where the setting begins, splitting into two distinct bands. The split-shank engagement ring offers more surface area for lovely Pave diamonds and a subtle but sophisticated design for those who want something impressive but not show stopping.

6. Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring With Halo in Rose Gold

Sweet, feminine and playful, rose gold has an old soul that plays well with the modern styles. A simple setting, perhaps one with a lovely Pave diamond halo, and a killer central stone, like an over-sized pear-shaped diamond, works brilliantly, literally, when placed on a rose gold band.

7. Three-Stone Diamond Ring

Oval Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Symbolizing the past, present and future of a relationship, the always-romantic three-stone engagement ring appeals to a wide variety of brides. You may find this is the perfect ring for you if you love classics with panache. After all, it’s versatile and timeless.

8.  Solitaire Diamond Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire

Speaking of classic, nothing beats the original in beauty, enduring appeal or versatility. The round brilliant diamond solitaire is the most well known, but you can pop in any shape or size of diamond and mix-and-match the band metal colors to suit your individual tastes.

9. Three-Stone Diamond Ring With Accents

Emerald Cut 3-Stone Ring
With Baguette Accents

Want to add more radiance to an already striking three-stone diamond engagement ring? All you have to do is splash on a couple accent stones; baguettes are always especially nice when paired with the angular beauty of an emerald cut stone.

10. Engraved Diamond Ring

Engraved Engagement Rings
With Pear Sides

Many people assume an engraved band is the same and a band with an engraving, not so! The exclusive engraved design by Ziva is an intricate carving that decorates the exterior sides of your chosen piece. It subtly enhances the beauty of any ring, and offers an alluring addition that many will admire.

While certainly one of the most exciting items one can shop for, choosing an engagement ring is an involved process that takes a great deal of consideration. In addition to selecting a ring that delights you visually, you’ll want one that symbolizes your love and fits within your lifestyle. For more ideas, visit Ziva Jewels, and be sure and check back next week, when we post the second half of our list of unforgettable engagement ring designs.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quick Tips For Pairing Vintage and Contemporary Jewelry

The latest accessories trends all involve stacking and layering a variety of pieces, both old and new, together for a bold effect. To pull this style off with gusto, you have to make sure the combination isn’t overly busy, clashing or missing the mark some other way. Fortunately, there are only a few rules and plenty of room for creativity. Plus, this is definitely the way to go if you have a limited budget and can only afford one or two fine pieces of vintage jewelry but still love to wear inexpensive, playful decoration. To help you navigate this latest egalitarian fashion, here are some quick tips that will ensure you look great at every event.

Lux Look; Low Prices

Long Art Deco Diamond Ring
 To make an eye-catching statement without breaking the bank, your best bet is to choose one impressive piece of jewelry that is special and upscale, like a vintage cross pendant, and pair it with several charming yet cheap elements, such as plain gold or silver chains. This not only makes the elegant item look that much more entrancing, it’s the kind of high tide that lifts all boats. Meaning, even your simple, unadorned necklaces will seem of a higher quality just by being close to the one stunning ornament.

Opposite Attract

Vintage Diamond Cross Pendant in Rose Gold
What’s true about love also proves true with regards to material embellishment. Mixing and matching several different elements—as long as one feature remains the same throughout—can make a forcefully chic impact. That means you can combine a wide variety of bangle bracelets as long as they’re all white gold (or silver, if you must). Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can combine several pieces, each one sharing something in common with one other article.

Safety in Numbers

Art Deco Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Stacking is by far the most popular way to wear jewelry of the moment, and vintage and contemporary accessory pairing is the best way to show off this trend. Choose one or two elegantly ornate vintage-inspired rings and surround them in dainty, delicate and relatively plain accompaniments. The metals and styles don’t have to match necessarily, but make sure they’re tightly stacked and have some overriding theme.

The latest fad in jewelry suits everyone’s taste and everyone’s budget. A mix of high and low, elaborate and plain, helps make it one of the most wearable and fun styles in a long time. Even more encouraging, it allows women everywhere to take all their favorite pieces, both modern and antique, and wear them to any event. For more quick tips and inspiration, check out Ziva’s rose gold rings.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Precious Gemstone Jewelry For a Glamorous Wedding

Attending a wedding is always an exciting event, whether it’s a friend, coworker or family member getting hitched. Chances are, you’re carefully considering what to wear to the big occasion and how to style your hair, but have you thought about your accessories? Delicate necklaces are nice, as are dainty bracelets, but to really show the bridal party who’s the boss you’ll have to opt for a statement-making gemstone piece that reveals your fine taste regardless of your plus one. Not sure what you can pull off without taking away from the bride’s big day? Here are some chic suggestions that will get you acknowledged for your elegant sophistication.

A Dazzling Bangle Bracelet

Antique-Style Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
Antique-style jewelry is all the rage, and it’s got a timeless quality that perfectly suits the eternal love that’s expressed and shared at a wedding. While you’ll likely want to match or complement the colors you’re wearing in your outfit, nothing beats an Art-Deco sapphire and diamond bangle bracelet, though you should select an emerald or ruby one if it flatters your fashion better. Keep your other jewelry modest, though you don’t need to go completely bare. A simple necklace or a few thin bracelets on the other arm would look lovely.

A Light-Catching Pendant Necklace

Citrine and Diamond Pendant
If you’re planning on wearing a dress with a princess, boat neck or deep-v neckline, you should definitely pair it with a sun-catching gemstone pendant. Choose whatever stone you love, and don’t worry too much about whether it matches. A great big bauble at the end of a chain is always the main event, but it won’t actually detract from the bride’s outfit since it’s tucked around your clavicle. Rose gold looks lovely on especially pale or darker complexions, while silver, platinum and white gold make good choices for olive tones.

A Sparkling Pair of Drop Earrings

Fancy Emerald Drop Earrings

There is no question what type of gemstone jewelry should be worn with a sweeping updo or elegant braided hairstyle: luxurious dangling earrings. Whether they’re sapphire, ruby, emerald or a more unexpected tanzanite or amethyst, drop earrings draw attention to your smiling face in the most graceful way. This option is least likely to garner any negative attention from the bride, in case you’re feeling a little squeamish about going bold. But it still sets you up for plentiful compliments and your pick of dance partners.

At the core, a wedding is about celebrating life and love, so why not celebrate yourself a little too? Dress up in something that makes you feel beautiful, enjoy an open bar and invest in some statement-making gemstone jewelry that makes you feel special, lovely and stylish, because you are. Find more examples of fantastic eye-catching gems at Ziva Jewels.